Yearbook Needs Your Help!

Calling all budding photographers… get your click fingers ready!

We are 100% determined to have an incredible yearbook printed for everyone this year. Lockdown restrictions have made it near impossible to gather the necessary resources, like individual student photos, so we are requesting assistance from our amazing parents.

We would like to request that you take a quick look at our guidelines below, find a bright garden scene, full of greenery, get your child wearing their white BIS t-shirt with a tidy hairdo, and take a photo! This will be used for our student records and for our yearbook.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines carefully and please do not use filters or enhancements, like ‘Portrait’ mode available on many phone cameras, as this can create an unusable image. 

Once you are happy with your photo, please send the photos to Ibu Deni or Ibu Riana by March 10th. Type in the subject: YB2021_Student name_grade.

A huge thank you to all for your wonderful support – we are looking forward to being able to present our students with their own yearbook on June 10th.