Message from the Head of School – February 26, 2021

I want to apologize for the roller coaster of emotions your child has been on this week. The faculty, staff and I were so looking forward to seeing our students again. The look on my Grade 11 boy’s face told me all I needed to know when I told him the news. I’m sorry.

Please know we are doing our best to abide by the rules and regulations that are being set forth by the government — striving to be Principled, one of our BIS Values, is central to our Covid response. 

The BIS Board and Ibu Yunita, Indonesian Principal at BIS, have been working tirelessly, meeting with officials and working towards positive outcomes for student learning. I am deeply appreciative of the support and collaborative efforts during these challenging times

This is my current understanding for schools:

  • PPKM measures are in place until March 9
  • There is a chance that PPKM measures will be extended to include Nyepi
  • That the government wants to support schools reopening by
    • Moving teachers to #2 on the vaccine distribution list – thank you Indonesia!
    • Making PPKM measures micro controlled – thus increasing the ability to react quickly to the local situation

Two-way communication is so important for your child’s education. I assure you that our teachers want to hear from you. If you see your child struggling in a class, please do reach out so adjustments can be made to better suit your child’s learning needs.

I remain ever optimistic that Term IV will present wonderful opportunities for teaching and learning.