Secondary Newsletter 13 – November 26, 2021

SOS Food Drive
MYP Reading Challenge!
ATL Skills with G9
ATL Skills with G10
Anti Bullying/Cyber Bullying
Counseling Corner
Deakin College Jakarta
BIS Stage Spotlight: Original Performances By Drama 6-7

SOS Food Drive

On Thursday, the 25 of November, the SOS SaA Group along with a few volunteers, went to the SOS (Scholars of Sustenance) rescue kitchen at Rumah Sanur. Over the last few weeks we have been collecting food items from different grades, to donate to SOS. In total, we collected almost 500 kg of food. With this donated food, the SOS kitchen cooked and prepared the food to be packaged. Our job was to package it into meals, which we then distributed out to the local community near the Sanur dump (TPA Suwung).

For the majority of the semester, we have been online, which has made it a lot harder to physically take action like what we did on Thursday. So, while organizing the food drives, making action plans, and planning our board for the exhibition has been extremely helpful, actually participating in the process of SOS has been very rewarding. Our first task was to either cut vegetables or create and package meals. We packed a total of 170 meals in the span of around an hour and a half, which was much more than we expected. Then we drove to our distribution location and started with the local elementary school (Rumah Singgah TPA Suwung). Then, we moved on to individual houses. This experience was beneficial for all of us, as it made us all realize the impact we were making as not just a SaA group, but also as individuals, helping each other out. 

Thank you to the BIS community who had contributed to the Food Drive.

Until the next event!

The SOS Food Drive SaA group


MYP Reading Challenge!
As you know, students in grades 6, 7, and 8 have been competing in an independent reading challenge.  I wanted to share the latest official scores with you so far.  Please also have a peruse through the google site to see what your student has been reading and what others are suggesting as your next exciting read!


ATL Skills with G9
Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  Well, these Grade 9 students can help you with your Self-Management Skills.  In partners, students discussed how stress affects their daily lives, as well as different strategies they use to help them deal with stress.  These conversations were then used to create posters which we will hang around the school.  Please enjoy a selection of their work below.


ATL Skills with G10
Students in Grade 10 took a long, hard look at the ways in which they use their time last week.  To begin, they used 15-20 minutes to create a list of how they used their time over the last 7 days.  Students created a table for each day, logging when they woke up, where they went, any activities they did, and when they went to sleep.  

Once they had this information, they used this Time Log. Students averaged the amount of time they spent watching tv, playing video games, surfing the internet, studying, traveling from one place to another, and how much time they spent with family and friends.  

From there, students reflected, categorized, and prioritized activities that will help them meet their goals.  It was an overall positive experience that students felt helped them.  I highly suggest it for those of you who struggle to get everything done in the week.  

Enjoy a selection of the reflections students wrote below:

What surprised me is how little time I spend with my family as I am always busy during the day working out, or revising for certain subjects. I also noticed how my sleep schedule is extremely inconsistent, and unhealthy. Although it has SIGNIFICANTLY improved from last year, they’re days where I get 5 hours of sleep (even when I have not procrastinated on assignments), and some days where I get a full 9 hours of sleep such as on weekends. I believe this is due to the fact that I sometimes spend too much time on the screen thus making it difficult for me to fall asleep at night. So, I believe in the future, instead of taking naps which could last for 1-2 hours, I could instead work on my assignments early or during the afternoon, for me to have enough time to get ready for bed and fall asleep easily. I feel working on assignments early will not only improve my sleep schedule, however, allows me to have more free time and as a whole, will allow me to spend more time with my family.” –William Bergeron

My sleep schedule is mildly inconsistent. One night I might sleep before midnight and a few nights later at 1 am. I wish I could change this because if I have a definite sleep time (such as 11 pm for example), I will be sure to finish stuff for the next day before 11 pm because that’s when I know I will definitely be asleep. Instead, there are times where I would just lay in bed and then not sleep until whatever time. This means I lost some valuable time I could’ve used for something else without knowing I just lost that time. ” –Dzul Helmi

Something that surprised me was that I spent more time on homework than quality time with my family. Something that I wish could change was to have more free time to do the things I want to do, such as creative activities. Something that I hope to change to help myself in the future is to set aside designated time to be creative such as doing photography, writing or video-editing.” –Caspia Nadapdap

I’m surprised that I spent many hours on average wasting time watching videos. Because of this, I want this to change by either spending more time studying or spending more time with family and friends.” –Aidan Robinson

Most of my time I spend on Youtube, Netflix, and other social media. I want to change my time to work on something and become more productive. Maybe I work on my homework, play with my brothers, go around the house with my bike, and do other fun things.” –Ola Tipagau

I think that I did pretty well in the last 7 days because I feel like I managed to spend a lot of time with family and friends as well. As well as getting enough sleep of 7-8 hours of sleep. I don’t really use social media that often anymore, because I learned that it is a waste of time and a toxic place. The thing that I needed to improve is doing more volunteering work and trying not to spend a lot of time watching youtube and tv. Instead of doing work, basically try not to procrastinate. ” –Agus Wibawa

What surprised me was the total time I spend just traveling due to the far distance from home to school. My sleep schedule is something I need to change in the close future. I think the amount of sleep just affects my mood during the whole day. I want to prioritize doing my work earlier so that I have time to read and have my own time. Doing my work earlier will help with my schedule a lot, which then I have more of my own time and also means I have more sleep.” –Josiah Wong


Anti Bullying/Cyber Bullying
Bali Island School students have decided to create a committee about cyberbullying. This committee will be called ABC (anti-bullying committee) In the last few years cyberbullying has become more and more (one in five teenagers) Legally, a student should only have Instagram if they are over the age of 13.

You might encounter an account on Instagram that has been rude or bullying you or other students or even other Instagram accounts. If this happens,  you can block and report them. When you block or report, it will not be notified on the account and they will not be able to find your account or message. When you feel bullied or see serious bullying of another student, tell a trusted adult or teacher. 

The following images will show how to block an account on Instagram.

1.Once the account has been opened on Instagram you will click on the setting button (the three dots) at the top of the Instagram page.

2. Once it is clicked then you are able to block the instagram account by clicking the block button.

3. Once the block button has been clicked then you have 2 options of blocking. The first option blocks the account and any other account that uses the same email account or phone number. The second is to just block this single account. The first option is better because then they are not able to continue bullying on another account.  Once the option has been chosen click on the button BLOCK.


4. Their account will be blocked and they will not be able to contact you or send you messages again. It will also not tell them that you have blocked them until they try to message you and the message will not be received


If you would like to be part of ABC or have any questions about cyberbullying  Please contact one of the leaders of this committee Ralvian ( or Adrien (


Counseling Corner
There are new updates on the counselor corner at BIS website Counseling Corner at BIS 

As we all know, social media has evolved into a tool for creativity as well as learning media for young people, therefore we invite your students to #getcraftywithdcj02 and pour out their creativity by joining a short video challenge.

The video will be in the form of reels on Instagram.

Total prizes worth AUD $525!

Register to join the competition by clicking HERE

Theme, requirements, and submission details will be elaborated upon by submitting the form. Deakin College Jakarta Campus will announce the winner through a zoom session and Instagram on December 20th, 2021.

What are you waiting for? Join now because spots are limited!

For more info WA: 08 1919 1818 74

e-certificate will be provided

Thank you


Deakin College Jakarta
Other updates include:

  • Australia is Open for ALL Vaccinated International Students from Dec 1st 
  • Join the Trinity College Dublin E3 Undergraduate Virtual Event ‘Transforming STEM at Trinity’ on Friday the 3rd of December 2021 at 10am Irish Time.
  • CEI Talkshow Series: Study Social & Political Sciences in Canada on Dec 4th – Join this talkshow to chat with Ms. Leila S. Chudori, an Indonesian best-selling author & journalist and the winner of the 2020 Southeast Asian Writers Award!
  • Bocconi University Updates: Winter Session Webinar on Dec 9th 
  • Glion & Les Roches Winter Virtual Experience – December 11 & 12
  • Paris College of Art; National Portfolio Day Association’s Online Events – Dec 10

Visit the website regularly to get all the latest information

Counseling corner at BIS – University Updates


BIS Stage Spotlight: Original Performances By Drama 6-7
Students in Drama 6-7 completed original performances as a culmination of the 1st Arts rotation course. What a fascinating and exhilarating creative development process they have gone through – creating an original story from scratch, developing new characters, and incorporating physicality as well as showcasing mask theatre conventions during the “MASK THEATRE” Unit.

Students have been developing their own characters with a specific focus on physicality – gesture, posture, movement, the center of energy, animalistic characteristics, etc.

This experience has also given students an opportunity to develop into bold and creative theatre-makers and artists – they had to consider an artistic intention, bring it to final execution and incorporate production elements such as lighting, set design, costumes and/or props.

Most importantly, as theatre is the most collaborative art form, students have been able to improve their ensemble and collaboration skills negotiating ideas, concepts, production schedules and rehearsals within the group to complete a final performance.


Grade 6 Creative Development Process By Afonso, Cristina, Kai, Eden And Elsa


Grade 7 Creative Development Process By James, Keelmoris, Esther, Ellery And Erich