Message from the Head of School – November 26, 2021

BIS Approaches to Learning
The 22 BIS ATL skills are here! The faculty commits to ensuring each of these essential skills for learning are explicitly taught in age-appropriate ways throughout the life of a Bali Island School student’s career. When our graduates walk across the stage and receive their well-earned BIS Diploma, they will have these skills for lifelong learning, health and global mindedness in their toolbox.

Congratulations to the faculty for all of their work over the past few months on this important initiative. 

Your child – grade 3 and up – will begin to interact and self-assess via the rubric in the new year.


Pre-Arranged Travel
The school calendar is published each year in January. We ask that families respect the holidays and limit travel outside of our scheduled breaks as much as possible. Thank you for doing your best to work within the SY calendar.

If you are traveling early please note the following:

  1. Secondary students must fill out the Pre-Arranged Travel Form located in Ibu Riana’s office. The student’s teachers will sign indicating the student has communicated the need to travel early and their plans for making up any missed learning. 
  2. From the BIS Assessment Policy
    • Assessments will not be given early due to family travel 
      • In this case, a N/A will be recorded for the assessment
      • At the teacher/administrator discretion (based on travel need) the assessment may be rescheduled for when the student returns to then assess the learning objectives


SOS Food Drive
An amazing array of donations have come in by all members of the BIS Community. MYP and DP student volunteers went to SOS to help prepare the meals and then provide them to families in need in Bali! Thank you!


Grade 6/7 Arts Sharing Assembly
Congratulations to each of our Arts students for demonstrating their skills and growth in their first arts rotation. Your risk-taking was in the limelight! Kudos to our Arts Department for their strong efforts as well.