Recycling Bins at the Courtyard

Dear BIS Community, 

BIS provides a recycling service for our community that was established based on an idea from our Junior Student Council. This service is currently being provided and we look forward to you using it! These bins are located in the Courtyard of our school. We have new bags in each bin which will make collection of the recycling and cleaning of the bins easier.  Parents are asked to sort their recycling into the correct bins and not leave other rubbish lying around the area as it can become unsightly and smelly. Recycling is collected by a company called Eco Bali who provides the school with a small return for the recyclables provided. 

The following items can be recycled:

  1. TetraPak (please rinse and flatten before recycling)
  2. Cardboard cartons and boxes (please flatten before recycling)
  3. White paper
  4. Colored paper & newspaper
  5. Plastic bottles (please rinse before recycling)
  6. Aluminum & other metal cans (please rinse before recycling)

Here is another category of Recyclable Items that can be received by our provider, ECO Bali. We have not recycled glass bottles or other items not listed above.