Message from the Head of School – January 27, 2023

As explained a short while ago, in an attempt to try to improve safeguarding for our community, we shall shortly trial a new pick-up/drop-off system for ‘normal’ school days. Priority for parking will be given to parents who have PYP students. 

Parents who have only MYP/DP students are asked to drop-off/pick-up only, not park. The reason for this is that we want to try and improve safety for PYP students who have to be walked to the PYP entrance. 

Parents who have children in both multiple programmes, but at least one child in PYP, will also receive priority. This will be controlled by a sticker system where parents who have PYP children will be issued a sticker that can be displayed on the INSIDE of their car window. We shall reach out soon and start to issue stickers to families and drivers.

Our SATPAMS will help direct/redirect traffic to help us try to make these improvements. I am aware that this system will not meet the needs of all our community, but I ask for the understanding that our little Dragons are prioritized in terms of safety

I shall inform our community of the exact date of implementation so that we may assist in the implementation of this initiative.

The drop-off/pick-up point for MYP/DP students will be at the corner of Jalan Pemamoran, near the south gate. In order to keep the flow of traffic in one direction, please enter from the Grand Lucky side/by-pass. See the map below, and thank you for your understanding and considerate approach to taking care of our little Dragons.


Counselor corner
Like last semester we have again a series of workshops this semester; see the flyer below. 

The topics of the workshops are tailored to the needs of the parents. 

We start with a workshop session for all BIS parents, INCLUDING GUESTS, with teenage children next Thursday 2nd of February. The name of the workshop already says what the topic will be: Youth Dangers in Bali. We will talk about the environment where the youth live in and go out and the dangers they face. We want to understand it and know how we can guide and help them. 

Questions that parents have about it are like: How to manage bad influences that might affect my teen child, Drugs, Traffic accidents, STD, alcohol and How to handle such talks with my child.

We have members from the community as guest speakers who will share their experiences with the parents in the workshop.

Use the QR code to register for the afternoon workshop on February 2nd, and let us know what your concerns are around this topic. 


Thursday, February 2nd

13:30 – 14:45

BIS Library

For all parents with Teenagers 

  • Shortly, you will receive notification of the necessity to inform us of your intention to enroll at BIS for the next academic year or not. I will send a complete breakdown of the revised fees and capital levy charges etc., to allow families to make informed decisions. The feedback form will be electronic to avoid paper usage, and I would be grateful if parents could complete the form by the advertised deadline. This allows us to plan now for the next academic year in terms of potential staffing needs and for making timely international resource orders for the curriculum. As will be explained in the letter, priority will be given to parents who are already enrolled at BIS. After which, enrollments will be opened to those already on the waiting list.
  • Revised communication platform: In response to requests for greater communication and transparency between the Head of the School/Board and the parent community, I have been working with the PTA on some suggestions. This was put to the community at this week’s PTA meeting and was well received. I shall now work with the PTA on finalizing the procedures and share the details soon. Thank you for your patience. I do hope that we can continue to work together to improve the school and deliver our guiding statements.
  • Our marketing team has been working hard on publicizing our school. Please check out our latest campus tour video. Very catchy and easy to watch. Please share!


Future dates for the diary:

  • Wednesday, 15th February, is a school half-day for teacher professional development and strategic planning.
  • Friday, March 17th, 3-way/student-led conferences.