Secondary eNews – April 5th, 2023

Grade 7-8 Capable Levels Indonesia Class
The class explored the unit: Cerita Kita (Our Story). Through the conceptual understanding learnt, the students created term assignments that required them to analyze, and comprehend the topic as well as show their creative thinking skills.
The students were assigned to make a review of a film/novel that gives a inspiring message to the audiences, whether in the political, economic, social, cultural, or entertainment perspectives.

Grade 6 Language Acquisition – Indonesian
In Bahasa Indonesia class, Emergent level students studied a unit about holidays. They developed vocabulary words about holidays by making a postcard for their summative term assignment about their holiday experience with their best friend.  They made it by using various online applications.

Grade 7&8 Language Acquisition – Indonesian
Grade 7&8 Indonesian Language Acquisition Emergent-level students have been learning about Health. They learned about parts of the body, kinds of diseases, and learned about Indonesian traditional medicine called Jamu. They were racing to name the parts of the body in Bahasa Indonesia as quickly as possible.

Grade 9&10 Indonesian Language Acquisition, Indonesian
Grade 9&10 Indonesian Language Acquisition Emergent-level students have been learning about Affection. The students learned about the meaning and type of affection. They also learned about the culture of love celebration and created a poster about it.

Grade 9 IDU  Indonesian, French, and EAL
Grade 9 students studied an IDU unit that talked about ‘Pedulilah Lingkungan’ (Care for the Environment). They learned about the Indonesian environment, the type of environmental problems, and pollution. For the IDU product, they made a collage about what the environment will look like in 2050.

Grade 9-10 Indonesian Language and Literature
Poetry Unit
Students in Indonesian Language and Literature class explored Indonesian Poetry last term. They went all around Poetry world, from reading, appreciating, analysing, writing, and finally performing music poetry as a group. The main works that we read written by Sapardi Djoko Damono and Joko Pinorbo. Read their original Indonesian poems here and watch their performance here.

This semester, students in French class worked on a shared topic with the Bahasa students. They explored environmental issues and thought about what the world could look like in 2050. Then, according to their level in French, they presented their vision in a poster, a brochure or a Ted Talk. During an exhibition, they compared their vision with the other students’ vision, both in French and in Bahasa. 

After that, students in phase 6 continued to explore French literature, with grades 9 and 10 focusing on a classic novel, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, and grades 6-7-8 on a fantasy novel, La Passe-Miroir. Students in phase 4 are exploring migration issues and they did a presentation explaining who are migrants and why humans migrate. Finally, phases 1-2 students continued to learn about the past tense and use their imagination by writing a short story.

Spanish DP Gr 11
Students have been working on the theme of Experiences- The Holidays ( Las Vacaciones). They have learnt how to describe their past holidays and places to visit; what their ideal type of holiday would be and what places they will visit in the future.

They have also learnt about Celebrations in the Hispanic world and discovered what these mean in different cultures.




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Other Colleges and Universities Update:

  • United Nations Training Internship Opportunities
    This program, provided by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), gives students a chance to engage with diplomats and the UN staff directly at their headquarter in New York. The UN ATP is a program designed to help students learn about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the decision-making process of international organizations.This 3-week-long program is not for everyone though. It is intended for rising juniors in high school with excellent SAT scores and possible candidates for IVY Leagues Universities. More details on PDF
  • Upcoming webinars – University of OxfordStudent webinar – Wednesday 12th April (UK time)
     This session is an introduction to applying to the University of Oxford, it will provide prospective students with information about undergraduate applications. This will be taking place on Wednesday 12th April. Please do book here
    In the meantime, please do remind your students that they can chat to our current international students about life at Oxford here
    Parent/guardian webinars – Wednesday 19th April (UK time)
     We are offering two additional webinars aimed specifically at parents of prospective students. The first session, titled University of Oxford: A Parents’ Guide, will explain some context around the University, information on student profiles, and the opportunity to see if Oxford is the right choice for their child. Please do encourage parents, guardians and supporters to sign up using the link hereParent/guardian webinars – Wednesday 26th April (UK time)
    The second in our series of parent webinars will focus in more detail on next steps in the application process and provide some practical advice on how parents and families can support their child when making their application. Please do encourage parents, guardians and supporters to sign up using the link here

    For further guidance on booking and joining the live sessions watch this short instructional video.


    DATE & TIME: Monday, April 17th, 2023, at 10:30 (CET, GMT+1)

    PRESENTER: Samuel Zitelli, Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design and Art Direction Course Leader, and Liliana Ray Bazzurro, NABA student

    DURATION: 40 minutes + live Q&A

    Here is the registration link:


    DATE & TIME: Thursday, April 27th, 2023, at 15:30 (CET, GMT+1)

    PRESENTER: Federico Demartini, Digital Technologies and Applications NABA Professor

    DURATION: 40 minutes + live Q&A

    This webinar will be a lecture about the Academic Master in Fashion Digital Marketing.

    Here is the registration link: