EOTC 2023

Dear BIS Parents of Students in Grades 4 to 10,

On Thursday this week we held our BIS EOTC Parent information session to provide parents with background information regarding the EOTC philosophy, program outlines, staffing, safety and security, Child Protection, packing list and how communication between the groups, the school and parents will work during the camps. 

Most of the students had the opportunity to meet the Darshan representatives that will be accompanying them in their respective camps to ask them questions. During next week, homeroom teachers will continue to go over the program, service components, organisation of downtime, tent allocation, etc. The purpose is to get them prepared and comfortable to take the risk of going out of their comfort zone and make the most of this wonderful experience.

Mr Javi will repeat the parent session on Monday 14th of August at 8am for those who could not attend this week. Should you want to attend again, feel free to do so.

We have included a number of documents in this post for those who wish to review the information. Also included is the EOTC Parent Permission Form, in case you still need to sign it and return it to school on Tuesday 15th. 

For Secondary School Parents, please be aware that we will go over behavioural expectations and standards with each class next week and your child will bring the agreement for you to sign. Grades 4 and 5 will be working on their own essential agreements in class too.

EOTC Parent Presentation:


 EOTC Camp Outlines:

Generic Packing List:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Behaviour and Expectations (For Secondary Only. G4/5 are currently working on essential agreements)

Parent Permission Form: