Secondary eNews – Aug 11th, 2023

Official MYP Personal Project Results Released
This week we celebrated the fantastic official Personal Project results of the Class of 2025. Globally, the average MYP student score was 4.05, whereas the BIS average was 42% higher at 5.76! As a cohort,

  • 83% received 5 or above

  • 62% received 6 or above

  • 31% received a 7

We congratulate the Class of 2025 on their enormous success and on completing this milestone in their academic journey!


DP Result 2023
On July 6, the IB released the DP results for the Class of 2023. As the global pandemic inflated the IB statistics in 2020, 2021 and 2022 with significantly higher passing rates and average candidate points, the IB always stated that they want to return to pre-pandemic pass rates (around 80%) and average candidate points (∼30 points).

BIS is very proud of the Class of 2023 as they maintained our fantastic 100% pass rate and despite the global average candidate points decreasing by more than 1.7 points, our students actually increased our average points. Class of 2023 – we wish you nothing but the best for your future! Make sure you come back and visit us at BIS because… Once a dragon, always a dragon! 


Grade 11 DP Retreat in Baturiti
The grade 11 students arrived in Baturiti for our Diploma Programme retreat. As a first challenge, students had to work collectively and set up their own tents. Over the next 24 hours, students will engage in various activities to form strong bonds that will be the foundation for a successful DP journey.