Primary Principal Update – Primary Community Action

Dear Parents,
I hope you are all enjoying the final weeks of this school year. Though we have had to recently cancel some exciting field trips, please know that our students continue to engage with some meaningful projects within our community walls. Here are a few for you to look out for during May.
Visiting Our Community Garden

As many of you already know, we have been developing a small thriving farm with a collection of flowers, vegetables and fruit as well as a beehive (the stingless

variety) and some animals. On the afternoon of Friday May 25th, instead of collecting your children from the classrooms, dismissal will take place from our community garden. Please feel free to arrive from 2:20 onwards so that you can explore the farm together and test each other’s knowledge.

Buying Student Written Story Books

Last year, primary students wrote some scary short stories. We selected a 
handful of these and had them illustrated by students from a local secondary school. The stories were translated and published in both English and Indonesian. Many of these books are being shared with local primary schools whose students attend our Taman Bacaan. In order to complete the sustainable element of this community project, primary students will begin selling these books next week (IDR 50,000 each) at the school entrance before and after school on Mondays and Fridays. They hope to raise enough money to fund the next publication. Next time, we will ask local primary students to write the stories, and we will try to illustrate them.
Ordering Batik Uniforms for Primary Girls

One of our 5th Graders was interested in designing a more comfortable school batik uniform for girls to wear on Fridays. Using the same school batik pattern, she worked in collaboration with the tailor to create an alternative for our young girls. We hope to send out a survey at the end of May to see how many families would be interested in purchasing this at the start of next year.
Enjoying the New Outdoor Kindergarten Playhouse
Our Kindergarteners recently requested a treehouse to play in during breaks. As we uncovered their thinking, we found that what they really wanted was a private space to use as a playhouse. they worked together on the design and presented their proposal. As a result, we have temporarily converted the bale near their classroom to create a different community space.
As always, thank you for your ongoing positive support.
Warm regards,
Alan Lorenzini