Counselor’s Corner – June 5, 2020

Social-Emotional Counseling – Counselor’s Farewell

It is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to this lovely community in this, my final newsletter entry of the school year. My family and I have decided to be closer to our parents in Spain and the US so we will be moving to Morocco over the summer. It’s a true testament to being an overseas Teacher when you think moving to Morocco is moving close to the US but I think you all understand!

I want to say how truly grateful I am for the support and kindness you all have shown me over the past two years. I have enjoyed our many daily conversations and gatherings. It has been a great honor to work with all your children, teach them mindfulness, and to see their smiling faces each day. I am very happy to have held the Teacher representative role in the Parent Teacher Association and have appreciated their tireless support of all student programs. I am especially thankful for their purchase of the three division mindfulness benches which now adorn our beautiful campus and remind us all to be mindful every single day.

This has been a tough time for our community and indeed, the entire world, but we have shown our collective resilience by supporting one another and staying strong to the finish. I am very proud of all that we have accomplished together in our little community.

Summer Check-Ins/Summer Break Buddies

As the School Counselor, I am naturally concerned for the mental health of our students over the summer, without the usual summer camps and travel opportunities available to them.  Throughout the past three months they have had the daily support of their Teachers and support staff, regular online meetings with their classmates, and the focus of their school work to keep them occupied.

As we round out the year, I have asked Homeroom Teachers from upper elementary through grade 11 to form small groups of “Summer Break Buddies”. These groups of three or four students will check in on each other regularly to see how each is doing and be a support to one another throughout June and July. We encourage students to alert parents of any big concerns they do not feel equipped to support their buddies with. In this way, we will continue to be united as a community throughout the summer, stay safe, and stay strong. Thank you for your collaboration in this effort!

Summer Programs

As you are well aware, most live summer programs have been cancelled however, I have managed to find a few great options for live Summer Opportunities in Bali (which will employ appropriate social distancing measures and small numbers) and some very good online opportunities as well.  Please check this Opportunities for Students document and scroll through the tabs at the bottom for great Summer Programs.

University and Career Counseling – College of the Week

Canada – Online Upgrading and Refresher Programs

Dalhousie’s College of Continuing Education’s University Prep program and the Faculty of Agriculture’s Extended Learning program are now available online. These programs are designed to help students upgrade their marks or earn prerequisite courses for enrolment.

The new Refresher Program is designed to help students gain confidence in taking university level Writing and Calculus Math courses. Summer sessions are starting soon.

If you have any questions about course planning or upgrading programs, connect with an advisor supporting students in your area.

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