Message From the Head of School – October 30, 2020

Distance Learning Support
I am happy to report that Bali has moved from Red Zones to Orange and Yellow in the North. We use two sources to determine this information – National here and Bali here. The Health Committee continues to meet weekly and this week we spoke about BIS reacting to the new color zones. We concluded that a 21 day period should be monitored in order to allow the color zone to become established and stable. The Adaptation Topic Group, a Board level group, is being reconfigured to also look at the health data coming out of Sanur and Denpasar to then recommend to the Board when our Distance Learning Support program can be reestablished. I look forward to communicating with our community in the near future regarding some positive adjustments to our learning programs.

This article provides some quality information about how Covid is transmitted. This bodes well for Bali Island School’s open-air classrooms and well-ventilated learning spaces.

The Health Committee continues to edit our campus protocols as well. Here is the latest statement regarding travel and access to the BIS campus.

Bali Island School Campus Access: To ensure our community remains as healthy as possible, any traveler (domestic/international) must remain off campus for 14 days. 

Exception: Negative PCR test taken 4 days post travel.

Stay safe and healthy,