Message from the Head of School – November 19, 2021

New Parking Lot
In response to our parking issues, the Board and I are in the process of creating a new parking lot behind the small soccer field. This is the space students have used in the past to garden and houses a storage area for BIS. Once the project is complete (mid-December) I will ask that all faculty and staff who drive cars park out there. I will also ask any student drivers to park their vehicles out there. This will provide more space for the critical drop-off and pick-up times in the North Parking Lot. If you are coming for a meeting or plan to park for an extended period, I would also ask that you use this new parking area. I would like to thank the Board for their quick action and vision.

The Permaculture Team will continue to have a space to have a garden near the new parking lot. The Board and I worked together with the students to ensure space was protected.

Here are a couple of pictures…


Random PCR Testing
The Government will conduct random PCR testing for those schools that are conducting limited face-to-face teaching and learning. Two grade levels at BIS have been identified to undergo this testing. It is our understanding that this will continue throughout the year on a monthly basis. Rest assured that BIS will:

  • Inform you and request permission for your child to be tested
  • If you choose not to participate, your child will follow the regular education program without consequences


SOS Food Drive
Thank you to those families who have donated to the food drive our students are running. This school-wide initiative is aimed at helping our fellow Bali neighbors who have suffered so much due to Covid-19’s impact. Some of our students will help to cook and serve the food next week. Congratulations to all involved and special thanks to Ibu Putu and Ms. Green for helping the students next Thursday!