Primary eNews – November 19, 2021

Community Inquiry in Grade 2
In Grade 2, our recent inquiry into how communities provide interconnected services designed to meet people’s needs, we made some amazing discoveries.  All by asking a simple question to guide our explorations.

As inquirers, asking questions is key to gathering information. We started with a question prompt “Why do you live where you do?”. Prior learning experiences identified services within communities, compared needs and wants, and defined different types of communities. This knowledge was a springboard for making conclusions about where we live and why.

Students designed and created a questionnaire to gather data. Mini-lessons were used to learn more about questions: how to write them and make them specific enough to answer our guiding question. 

Grade 2 students collaborated with their families to conduct an interview using the questionnaire. Before sharing their data with the whole class. We had a lot of data collected! What to do with it now?

Students decided they needed a way to see the data. How can we show what we have gathered? Small groups worked together to summarise each question using tally marks. 

They were then able to design bar graphs to present their data. This was an authentic and real-life connection to mathematics. Our visual displays were presented and students were able to interpret the information from the graph in response to questions.

Grade 2 reflected on their inquiry process by asking themselves, do our visual representations answer our initial inquiry question.


BIS Library – Scholastic Book Club

The BIS Library is offering a chance for families to purchase books for their homes via the November 2021 Scholastic Book Club catalog. Your child will soon be coming home with the Scholastic Book Club order catalog, a letter (attached here as well) explaining what Scholastic Books Clubs are (and how to order) and an order form. 

If you and your child are interested in purchasing Scholastic books for your home, please read the materials that will be coming home this week and browse the catalog together, selecting books that you would like to purchase. Then, please return the order form and the money (in cash) to their homeroom teacher by Wednesday, December 8. All relevant details are contained in the attached letter (including costs, shipping times, and order procedures). 

I will also be explaining all of this to your child during their library class.

If you have any further questions after reading the attached letter, please stop by the Library or email me at

Thank you, 

Mr. Marshall


Grade 3 – Interconnected Units
What do Beliefs & Values, the Solar System, and Explorers have in common? They are the first 3 units in Grade 3. They also have a magical connection…

Some people believe in Star Signs which are connected to the Western Zodiac. Each Zodiac sign is based on a constellation. Early explorers used well-known constellations to navigate their way across the ocean. The Grade 3 students created their own interpretations of each constellation of the Zodiac. They also wrote some character traits and personality descriptions. Check out what they came up with. See if you can find your own star sign… does it sound like you? Enjoy!


Grade 3’s Secret to Happiness
Our central idea: What we believe and value is an important part of who we are.

One of the most magical aspects of our unit of inquiry about beliefs and values is uncovering the idea that all religions and belief systems follow a similar golden rule. ‘Going Further’ in the inquiry cycle and taking action, the students created their own Golden Rule to share with the BIS community. 

Imagine the world of happiness and peace if we could simply follow these words of wisdom from our incredible Third Graders. Check out the poster below to find out what each religion describes as its Golden Rule.