Primary eNews – Sept 9th, 2022

Visiting author coming to BIS Primary for World Literacy Day

On Wednesday, September 21st, BIS will be celebrating World Literacy Day. Besides inviting you to read with your children on the big field across from the covered court in the morning at 8:00 am (this is in the eNews and has been emailed to parents earlier this week), we will have other literacy activities throughout the day. 

One of those activities is a visit from a children’s author who is based here in Bali. Please see the attached flyers for information. Francois Keyser, the author, is offering autographed copies of his books for sale. If families are interested in purchasing, seeing his presentation to the kids, or meeting the author, please contact Mr. Marshall for details. Families can also check out Mr. Keyser’s books from the library. 


Preschool Bahasa Indonesia

Preschool focuses on the transdisciplinary theme of Sharing the planet with the central idea ‘Living things in our care share the same basic need’. In Bahasa Indonesia, they are introduced to the names of animals, fruits, and vegetables in Bahasa Indonesia such as kucing, anjing, bebek, ayam, jeruk, apel, nanas, wortel, brokoli, etc. They also will learn about animals and plants needed in Bahasa Indonesia. Students do various activities like watching videos, singing Indonesian songs, coloring, connecting, and pronouncing words in Bahasa Indonesia related to the topic.





Grade 4 PPKn

In PPKn class, Grade 4 students learned about rights and responsibility integrated into the homeroom unit. They identified the difference between rights and responsibility and tried to analyze some examples of rights such as play, education, love, food, clothes, etc. Analyzed examples of responsibility such as study, respect, helping, cleaning, on time, etc. They will also learn about the importance of responsibility and their rights. Here are some examples of students’ work and activities.


Grade 1 PPKn

Grade 1 students learn about Garuda as an Indonesian symbol in PPKn class. They are also introduced to the five symbols of Pancasila such as Bintang, Rantai, Pohon Beringin, Kepala Banteng, and Padi dan Kapas. They are doing some activities like watching videos, coloring Garuda and Pancasila symbols, tracing and rewriting some words related to the topic. 


Grade 4 & Grade 5 EOTC Camps

This week, the primary students from Grade 4 &  5 students had EOTC Camps as part of their service in action. They had a lot of fun & great memories during the camps. Grade 5 went to Desa Wisata Pinge, Kec. Marga, Tabanan from last Wednesday, September 7th & Grade 4 went to the Sila Agrotourism Recreation & Education Park, Baturiti, Tabanan from yesterday, September 8th. All the camp team went home safe back to family, please enjoy the slide show of the photos of the camp below, happy weekend everyone…

Grade 4 Camps


Grade 5 Camps